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Green-Strike Elektra Bug Zapper Series 600 (UV-A Light)


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This Bug Zapper utilizes a specially treated UV-A light, which is proven to be the most effective lure for light sensitive flying insects, such as flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other flying insects. These lured insects are then electrocuted by the Zapper’s high voltage inner grid. No chemicals, no smell, no sprays, and no mess. This Bug Zapper is pollution free and is harmless to humans and pets. It is ideal for using in homes, offices, factories, food outlets, hospitals, and more.

High-efficiency 7W UV-A fluorescent lamp
365NM wavelength for best attraction
Approximate bulb life: 8,000 hours
High-voltage inner grid instantly kills
Strong, vertical design
Bottom collection tray allows for easy cleaning
ABS fire-proof plastic for high safety use
Covers 600 sq. ft. outdoor area
Replacement bulb #917
Available in black – effective in luring mosquitoes


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