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PPG Paint ACRI-SHIELD® MAX Exterior Latex


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Acri-Shield® Max Exterior is a premium quality, urethane modified, exterior house paint. The advanced formula can be used as little as 60 minutes before the threat of rain, and in both normal and marginal, above freezing conditions when a low temperature cure is required to form a proper film.  Acri-Shield® Max provides a 7 year Portersept® Mildew Proof* Warranty (available in all sheens).  This paint and primer delivers exceptional hide and coverage and offers excellent brush, roll, and spray characteristics for consistent professional results.


  • Rain Ready In As Little As 60 Minutes**
  • Urethane Modified for Enhanced Durability
  • Delivers Exceptional Coverage & Hide
  • 7 Year Portersept® Mildew Proof* Warranty
  • Paint & Primer^ in One

*This paint contains agents which inhibit the growth of mildew and algae on the surface of the paint film. **See product label for details. ^Separate primer or multiple coats may be required. See back for details.


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