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Spyder Bi-Metal Hole Saw

Spyder Bi-Metal Hole Saw


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Spyder’s Bi-Metal hole saws feature variable tooth pitch geometry and bi-metal steel that make them the durable choice for making holes in wood with nails, metals and plastics. Use Spyder’s Rapid Core Eject™ arbor system to remove cores without prying — drill hole, press button, pull back the hole saw, and eject the core. Cut at an angle, and use two adapters (second adapter sold separately) on one pilot bit to enlarge existing holes. All Spyder hole saws fit on Spyder Rapid Core Eject™ arbor/pilot bits, and on universal hole saw arbors.

  • Durable bi-metal blades create smooth cuts in steel, stainless steel, nail-embedded wood, plastics and more
  • Use Spyder’s Rapid Core Eject™ arbor to cut up to 5x faster than standard hole saws — remove cores without prying, cut at an angle, and enlarge existing holes
  • Variable tooth pitch provides a fast clean cut through all material thicknesses up to 1-7/8-in
  • Tough bi-metal steel provides long life in tough drilling applications
  • Universal thread uses Spyder arbor/pilot bits or other universal hole saw arbors
  • Creates smooth cuts in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nail-embedded wood, non-ferrous metal, plastics/PVC and more
  • 1-7/8-In depth of cut
  • Always drill using a drill motor that is equipped with a support handle
  • Not for use in hammer drill mode

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