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Bengal IGRc Insecticide Concentrate 2 oz.

Bengal IGRc Insecticide Concentrate 2 oz.


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Skip the exterminator and do it yourself with the Bengal IGRc Insecticide Concentrate. Guaranteed for effective results, this product includes a 2-ounce liquid insecticide concentrate and 2-ounce liquid insect growth regulator concentrate which can be used alone or in combination. Each bottle makes up to 2 gallons of solution to ensure a bug-free environment.

The insecticide concentrate kills insects on indoor and outdoor surfaces. The insect growth regulator kills preadult fleas and their eggs for 7 months and cockroaches for 6 months, preventing them from developing into egg-laying adults. This product is made for residental and commercial use, so the concentrates can be sprayed on lawns, around door frames and windows, and other accessible areas for insects to enter your home. It's effective for local control of fleas and even ticks which transmit Lyme disease. For additional convience the spray is approved for safe use in food areas of food handling establishments. The insecticide contains Esfenvalerate, one of the most powerful and fast-acting insecticides available. The insect growth regulator contains Pyriproxyfen, which mimics a natural hormone in fleas to break the lifecycle of the pests. Before mixing and applying this product, read complete directions on the label.

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