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Blue Sky Outdoor The Improved Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit 22"

Blue Sky Outdoor

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Newly improved 22" Peak Smokeless Patio Fire Pit simplifies clean up with a lift-out ash catch, now accessible from the fire pit's top. Wider bezel on top of the fire pit promotes a more efficient smokeless burn for you and your guests to enjoy.

CONVENIENCE – NEW lift-out ash catch and grate insert with handles, is fully removable, for easy clean up
BEZEL - NEW 93% extended bezel on the top of fire pit helps to direct air flow, PROMOTING A BETTER SMOKELESS BURN
EFFICIENCY - NEW raised burn chamber creates a more efficient secondary burn without limiting fuel capacity
CONSTRUCTION – Heavy duty steel double-wall design creates a secondary burn that reduces smoke and embers
DUAL FUEL – Burn firewood and/or wood pellets to generate a significant amount of heat.
DESIGN - Strong and sturdy faceted design with black powder-coated finish

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