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Sharkbite Blue PEX-B Pipe (Straight Lengths) 1 in.

Sharkbite Blue PEX-B Pipe (Straight Lengths) 1 in.


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Faster installation compared to rigid pipe. Flexible pipe reduces the number of connection points -- reducing cost, time and potential leak points. Freeze-resistant pipe can expand slightly if frozen and contract when thawed. Ideal for hot and cold potable water distribution, fire protection and municipal water service lines.

PEX-B offers the highest-rated chlorine resistance and six-month UV resistance.
Approved for water service lines and burial applications including being buried under concrete.
Approved for use with SharkBite EvoPEX™, SharkBite Universal push-to-connect (ASSE 1061), plastic barb (ASTM F2159) and brass barb (ASTM F1807) fittings.
Certified to meet ASTM F2023 oxidative-resistance requirements for continuous hot water recirculation.
Minimum working temperature 33°F @ 160 psi. Maximum working temperature 200°F @ 80 psi.
Maximum working pressure 160 psi @ 33°F - 70°F.
Made in USA.

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