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Spyder 7-1/4-In 24t Framing Saw Blade

Spyder 7-1/4-In 24t Framing Saw Blade


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Rip and crosscut with ease with the Spyder Tarantula™ Framing circular saw blade. NiCo teeth are sharpened 3x to provide clean cuts and exceptionally long life, up to 6x longer life than standard blades. Track straight with reduced friction, heat and noise — the Tarantula circular saw blade is the professionals' choice for framing and construction. Framing and construction blade is for use in new wood materials.

Ultra tough NiCo (nickel cobalt) cutting teeth provide exceptionally clean cuts.
Interfused anti-friction coating protects against heat, gumming and corrosion.
Polymer stabilization vents reduce noise and vibrations.

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