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Level5 10" Welded Stainless Steel Joint Knife

Level5 10" Welded Stainless Steel Joint Knife


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A joint knife (or “putty knife”) can be found in the back pocket of most drywall finishers.

These versatile tools are used for setting & cutting drywall tape, applying joint compound & other filler materials, cleaning up drywall edges, scraping paint & residue, resetting exposed screws, and much more…

LEVEL5 offers the highest quality one-piece welded knives in the industry. 17 assembly steps and nine hand polishing steps are required to make each knife and a patent pending, full tang design with 3 internal points of control provides outstanding durability. Other features include a curved design where the handle meets the blade to enhance rigidity for a perfect mid-blade flex, and all robotically-welded seams have been mirror polished until undetectable.

These knives are lightweight, extremely comfortable in the hand, and clean up like a dream.

Premium stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
Full-tang blade goes beyond the hang hole into the handle.
Robotically welded at three points of contact for strength and durability.
Unique, hollow grind at mid-blade ensures optimal mid-blade flex.
Blade feels nicely 'broken in' the first time you use it.
LEVEL5 Lifetime Warranty.
Increase the comfort and grip-ability of LEVEL5 Welded Joint Knives with our Heat-Shrink Handle Grips.

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