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Black Swan's Jumbo Swan Wax

Black Swan's Jumbo Swan Wax

Black Swan

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Black Swan's Jumbo Swan Wax is a 100% pure wax gasket for setting all floor outlet toilet bowls. This ring contains 40% more wax than the regular Swan Wax. Ideal to use where the regular ring does not provide enough wax to make a good seal. This gasket forms a water tight, gas tight and odor tight seal. Fits 3" and 4" waste lines. Meets Federal Specification TT-P-1536A.

Be sure the wax ring is at room temperature (about 70° F). If wax ring is too cold a good seal may not be made or the toilet bowl could crack while making the installation.
With the toilet bowl upside down on a protective pad or blanket, place the wax ring around the discharge opening. Press firmly to assure adhesion when the toilet is inverted.
Using the Black Swan's Stainless or Stay Soft Putty, make a putty ring about 1 inch high around the outside rim of the toilet. This will make a seal between the toilet rim and the floor.
Carefully set the toilet down on bolts and twist bowl slightly to spread wax and putty to make a tight seal. Tighten bolts carefully to prevent breaking the bowl.

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