GRK Fasteners 5/16 in. x 4 in. 305 Stainless Steel Star Drive Washer Head Rugged Structural Screws

GRK Fasteners

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GRK’s PHEINOX™ line of stainless steel fasteners feature designs from R4, RSS, Fin/Trim, and RT Composite screws in corrosion and stain resistant material.

GRK recommends PHEINOX™ 305 stainless steels screws for applications that require superior corrosion resistance in exterior environments with high moisture content, such as docks, boardwalks, pools, and hot tubs.

PHEINOX™ 305 stainless is also recommended for use with cedar, redwood and various other wood species that have higher acid content. PHEINOX™ 305 stainless steels screws are recommended for applications located more than 1 mile from the coast.

PHEINOX™ 316 stainless steels screws are recommended for applications where extreme corrosion resistance is necessary, such as environments with high exposure to chlorides- such as de-icing salts- and in coastal applications within 1 mile of the coast. They are
also suitable for use in chemically treated wood and naturally-protected wood such as cedar and redwood. 

PHEINOX™ 305 Stainless Steel
For use in cedar, redwood, specialty hardwood, IPE, and Mangaris
Corrosion resistance for wet environments
Stain resistant in specialty wood

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