Square D Mini Circuit Breaker, Homeline, 40A, 1 pole, 120/240VAC, 10kA AIR, Standard Type, Plug in, UL

Square D

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Homeline miniature circuit breakers are engineered and designed for fast installation and superior circuit protection. Homeline circuit breakers are designed to plug into Homeline load centers to provide circuit protection. This circuit breaker provides standard circuit protection and is HACR rated. This 1 pole circuit breaker with plug in mounting is rated 40A at 120/240 VAC. HOM breakers provide 10 kA breaking capacity. The electrical connection is a clamp terminal that will accept 2 wires. The clamp terminal will accept a wire range of 14 AWG to 8 AWG copper or aluminum wire. HOM Homeline miniature circuit breakers are UL Listed. Circuit breaker is consumer packaged.

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