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Swanson® Top Read Aluminum Level 48"

Swanson® Top Read Aluminum Level 48"


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Swanson’s Top Read Levels are designed for durability and value from the ground up. The high-grade aluminum I-beam frame is strong and lightweight. The vial windows are secured with screws so they won’t pop out on impact like other levels. Rubber shock resistant end caps protect the frame and vials from sudden impacts and drops- no other level in this class has this feature.

V-grooved for working with round stock

Ruled edge for measuring in centimeters and inches

High-grade aluminum frames

Shock resistant rubber end caps

Acrylic windows protect vials from breakage

Vials accurate to .029°/.00050 in./in.

Continuous Rail for continuous scribes without frame interruption

Top Read Vial

Ruler measurements in centimeters and inches

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